IDENTA LC Individual Trays


IDENTA LC Individual Trays are light-curing resins respectively available in the form of contoured plates for maxillae and mandibles. They are ready for use and easy to handle without any odour nuisance. IDENTA LC Individual Trays remain workable for a long period of time when exposed to artificial light and daylight, curing quickly under halogen or UV light.  

The individual trays can be used directly after being made.


  • Production of individual impression and function trays for use in crown, bridge and total prosthetic techniques, for the production of bases for bite templates and for the production of occlusal registrations.


  • Allows precise and economic processing
  • Stable trays
  • Pleasant mint flavour
  • Non-sticky consistency
  • Light-cured with standard halogen light or UVA lights


  • 1 box - 50 maxillae
  • 1 box - 50 mandibles
  • 1 box - each 25 maxillae / mandibles


        shades upon request




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