IDENTA LC Posterior Fill



IDENTA LC Posterior Fill is a light-curing, highly radiopaque hybrid composite designed specifically for time-saving cost-effective use in the posterior region. The combination of a new multi-hybrid filler technology with an innovative initiator system formed the basis for a filler material exhibiting minimal polymerisation shrinkage and excellent depth of cure. IDENTA LC Posterior Fill can even be cured reliably in increments of 4 mm and with very short polymerisation times. IDENTA LC Posterior Filll undergoes reduced shrinkage stress to ensure restorations with integral margins. The physical strength and high abrasion-resistance are high enough for occlusal load-bearing fillings.
IDENTA LC Posterior Fill contains 86 % by weight inorganic filler (= 70.1 % by volume) in a methacrylate matrix.
IDENTA LC Posterior Fill is cured with halogen or LED light with a blue spectrum and is available in practical syringes or Caps for direct application.

  • Class I and II posterior fillings
  • Core build-up


  • Curing depth 4 mm
  • Curing time only 10 s
  • Universal shade
  • Long-lasting and economic
  • Reduced working time
  • Easy handling
  • Excellent physical properties


  • 5 g syringe 
  • 15 x 0.25 g caps

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