IDENTA GIC Luting - Application Capsule


IDENTA GIC Luting (Application capsule) is a radiopaque glass ionomer cement for luting in application capsules for direct application.


Luting of

  • metal-based crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays
  • high-strength all-ceramic crowns and bridges
  • metal-based and high-strength all-ceramic crowns and bridges on implant abutments
  • metal root posts or indirect metal post core build-ups
  • prefabricated steel crowns
  • orthodontic bands


  • Sizeable amount available per capsule - also suitable for large restorations
  • Very good wetting behaviour
  • Stable
  • Low film thickness
  • High level of translucency for aesthetic results
  • Simple removal of excess material
  • Continuous release of fluoride
  • No known postoperative sensitivities

      In the new application capsule

  • Activated quickly and simply, without activator
  • Mix, open cannula and use immediately with an applicator
  • Fits all conventional applicators



  • 50 Application Capsules

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